FREE YOGA CLASSES In Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

Yoga Class In Fort Lauderdale

Building community, building lifetime bonds, mingling with the Positive Vibe Tribe are only a few of the perks you can guarantee to receive when you show up on your mat at Shooter's Waterfront Saturday mornings 8:30am.  This space and the souls whom fill it each week as a collective, create magic.


Once you set your mat down, you will notice other members of the community hugging, laughing, and celebrating each other and the moment. Nestled along the intracoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale with spectacular views, the cool water breeze, palm trees, and the tranquil setting on the lawn, makes for the perfect outdoor studio environment for your yoga practice.


The yoga class is designed for EVERYBODY, yes beginners and kids included, so come join us, even if you’re thinking you’re too old, too out of shape, or not flexible enough.


Don't forget, after the class is over, Shooter's serves up a champagne toast! With this, you can meet others and bask in the beauty of completing your yoga class.  Stay and enjoy $5 off your breakfast.


So... what are you waiting for??? Get some rest Friday night, join us for Yoga and vibe with our amazing community.  See you then 🙂

Outdoor Yoga Studio At The Ranch???

As the sun rises on Sunday morning, the animals awaken and prepare for the yoga tribe at Marando Ranch in Davie, Florida. Surrounded by approximately 10 acres of farm land, you can enjoy the beauty of farm life; horses, ponies, chickens, pigs, and more! Bring your family, kids, and friends.  This experience will connect you with nature as well as the other amazing people who share yoga with us on Sundays.


The yoga class begins at 9:00 AM for One hour and occurs every other Sunday with Taryn.


The yoga class will typically take place in the barn and/or out in the field, depending on the weather and other events that day at the ranch.  Either locations will feed your mind, body and soul. This class is a safe space for our community to come together and share the gift of yoga. Remember, no yoga experience is needed. Just YOU and your mat… and let Taryn guide you.


Come, share, breathe, give, receive, love, and let’s do some yoga!


To top it off, we invite you to order a healthy organic juice, smoothie, shot, or acai bowl for post yoga nourishment. Don’t forget you can shop for your organic produce too!


About the class:

Starts at 9 AM.  Arrive 8:45 AM

Class is Free

All levels welcome

All ages welcome

Bring your mat, towel, and water

Most importantly, come and enjoy!


Online Yoga Classes

Oh, and did I mention, we have the best yoga Live stream EVERY Saturday morning?

We understand that you may not be able to make it to our yoga class each week for various reasons, maybe you just want to sleep in after a long week at work, or you have to travel out of town to see friends and family, or maybe you are just not ready yet to practice in a live setting.  But just because you can't be there in person doesn't mean you have to skip yoga.  Thanks to Live Streaming technology you can now take Taryn's online Yoga class with you.

Yoga has changed Taryn's life, which is why it has become not just her passion but her mission to share yoga and its benefits with the world, which is why she offers Free community Yoga classes and free online yoga sessions, that way money, life or time doesn't get in the way of each of us experiencing the healing benefits that yoga has to offer.

So you can join us online from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world and be part of an actual yoga class ...instead of watching a pre-recorded yoga session that you get with typical yoga video.

On Demand Yoga Classes

Looking For A Good Private Yoga Instructor?

Taryn is the best private yoga instructor!

Ok to be fair we are biased, so don't just take our word for it, see for yourself by either coming to one of her live yoga classes or schedule an appointment with her.  She really is the best though...

She has worked with high school athletes, professional athletes, business professionals and entrepreneurs to take their sport, career and business to the next level!

Private yoga lessons has several benefits and it will help you to achieve your yoga goals a lot faster, as Taryn can give you one on one attention for the entire session.  Here are just some of fitness goals that Taryn can help you fast track to:

  • Weight Loss
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Beginner to Yoga Intermediate
  • Flexibility
  • Meditation

Sometimes in life it's good to be selfish I know you're probably thinking that's so un-yoga of me, but let me explain, we all need to set aside some time to focus on ourselves, that way we can become our best selves, which means we can become better mothers, better fathers, better sisters, better brothers, better friends...

Just like when you're on an airplane, if the oxygen masks drop, you need to put your's on first to be able to best assist anyone traveling with you.  With a private yoga session you can focus on you and reap all the benefits of yoga within the shortess possible time...

Whatever your goals are, whether it's health, fitness, or it has to do with your career or business, why would you want to achieve those goals slowly???

All successful people have coaches, look at Michael Jordon and Tiger Woods, even top CEO's of fortune 500 companies will tell you they have a coach.

Schedule an appointment with Taryn today so that she can be not just your private yoga teacher but your coach and help you realize your goals in life.

Taryn only does a limited amount of private yoga sessions each week, so if your serious about taking your yoga practice to the next level or want to fast track your goals, contact her today by clicking the button below.

private yoga session
private yoga instructor

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